mon, 14 jul 2003
Soon we'll put some pictures online of some phreaking equipment, phonebooths, etc.
Also check the crewl underground madness tech lab for pictures.

belgacom kvd cable boxbelgacom smartcard payphonebelgacom phonecardphone card emulator

Our intention is to make this page into some sort of phreaking portal, with info for all phreaks. Primarily we'll have belgian phone info - info on the various pstn companies (belgacom, telenet and bt), info on the different payphones in belgium (belgacom booths, bt, cocot's), and info on how to "extend their possibilities". We'll also provide info on the belgian gsm providers (proximus, mobistar, kpn orange) about their sim's, reload cards, etc.

We're planning on making different sections for different countries -- if you have good knowledge on the phonesystem in your country, and want to have some space to put some usefull files and info online, you can contact us ( and become the maintainer of the phreaksection for your country.

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